Sovereign Risk, Treaties, Contracts, Standards, Duty of Care, Management, Due Diligence, Politics, Liability


Safety, Security, Quality, Human Factors, Dignity, Law, Cultural Sensitivity, Value


Safety, Security, Disasters, Construction, Inspection, Standards, Insurance, Compliance, Operations, Governance, Law, Contracts


Development, Protection, Compliance, Audit, Modelling, Risk Management, Law and Insurance

Goverance, guidance and actions for making safe the world’s most complex structures, constructions and transportation systems

Independent, trusted professionals – World’s leading risk experts in Law, Life Safety, Property Safety, Safe Project Delivery, Fires, Security, Disasters, Safe Construction, Operational Safety, Risk Management, Law and Insurance. Specialists in the underground, ultra high rise, transportation and other extreme man made environments and activities. Leadership; Advice; Investigations; Inspections; Assessments; Custom Procedures; Insurances; Legal Issues; Liability; Custom Standards; Performance Certification; Operations

* Thought leadership, accountable advice or action is demanded beyond the scope, capacity or appetite of existing participants
* Specialist assistance is needed to help existing teams
* The expertise and reputation of existing participants would benefit from additional resources
* There is a need for named, high ranking external professionals to provide and take responsibility for expert advice, opinion and actions
* Existing advisers cannot, or will not, assume responsibility for critical actions and advice
* Conflicting or unsatisfactory expert advice, opinions or actions have been threatened or received
* Urgent mission critical decisions or actions require independent senior and/or second expert opinion and resources