How We Do It


  • Thought leadership, accountable advice or action is demanded beyond the scope, capacity or appetite of existing participants
  • Specialist assistance is needed to help existing teams
  • The expertise and reputation of existing participants would benefit from additional resources
  • There is a need for named, high ranking external professionals to provide and take responsibility for expert advice, opinion and actions
  • Existing advisers cannot, or will not assume responsibility for critical actions and advice
  • Conflicting or unsatisfactory expert advice, opinions or actions have been threatened or received
  • Urgent mission critical decisions or actions require independent senior and/or second expert opinion and resources

ALARP is comprised entirely of senior, wise and influential lawyers, scientists, engineers, operators, designers, doctors, insurers, planners and security experts.

We are always at the ready – discrete and sensitive to our clients’ unique technical,  political and economic needs.  We mobilize small specialist teams – and stand united with our clients and their advisers.

ALARP – Expert, Trusted, Independent


The user acknowledges that ALARP.COM cannot divulge the identity of ALARP experts until probity, conflict and availability checks are completed. Once ALARP determines if the expert(s) are available for a particular task both the Client and the ALARP expert may deal with each other for all professional purposes using an agreed method. ALARP cannot guarantee the availability of its experts but it does warrant that each expert has been selected on the basis of their proven expertise and high level of skill. ALARP experts may be drawn from any organization, country, political persuasion or profession. The criteria for ALARP accreditation is excellence.


Neither the details of ALARP members, nor contact details of our members will be disclosed knowingly to third parties. Professional discussions shall be treated as if they are ‘privileged’ and therefore only disclosed to members of an ALARP working group.