The ALARP Group

The ALARP Group was founded by accomplished lawyer and scientist Professor Arnold Dix more than a decade ago. Initially it was the natural extension of his very senior Legal –technical practice (a trial Attorney/Barrister , former Partner of an International law firm and Professor of Engineering) and formed the framework for conducting major complex, confidential investigations.

From the beginning ALARP focused on protection of Life and Property according to the four pillars of excellence, independence, professionalism and ethical conduct.

As the company matured it continued to assemble specialist groups of world renowned subject matter experts to assist in complex legal/technical/scientific matters in the area of major infrastructure safety risk and the environment. Projects always focused on complex problems and issues that demanded bespoke outcomes. A new expert group was tailored for each unique problem with the clients best outcome ALARP’s focus. The assignments were always complex – and mostly extremely confidential.

Members of the ALARP Group are traditionally leaders in their fields and recognised as world authorities. Professor Dix is a world recognised subsurface infrastructure and fire and life safety expert. ALARP’s reputation has grown upon the commitment to excellence displayed by Professor Dix in his personal professional capacity.

In the infrastructure disasters area ALARP projects have spanned the globe – delivering ‘undeliverable’ projects to keep politicians in power.

For disasters ALARP has investigated some of the most deadly subsurface and complex structural disasters of the 20th and 21st Century.

In the environmental area ALARP has embraced highly controversial subject areas ranging from nuclear waste remediation, to toxic ocean discharges.

ALARP (EMEA) Limited was registered in the United Kingdom in July 2012. Projects undertaken by ALARP teams in that region include a team who investigated the United Kingdom’s worst high rise building fire – Lakanal House – which resulted in multiple deaths and injuries. The ALARP team was formed including building inspection, legal and fire engineering expertise. The result was major law reform to high rise buildings in the United Kingdom.

In September 2012 ALARP (Asia Pacific) registered in Hong Kong as a proprietary company. Like the first arm ALARP Asia Pacific provide bespoke services to special clients.
ALARP work in Asia has included investigations of rail fire life safety issues associated with disaster in Korea. ALARP formed a team of legal, scientific and fire life safety experts to conduct this investigation of its confidential government client. Similarly ALARP formed a specialist group to advise on a tunnel collapse under a major road in Singapore.
ALARP was built upon the concept of best clients to be serviced by the best practitioners in the world doing exceptional work and creating outstanding outcomes for the client. This core concept formed the foundation of the ALARP Group between 2003 and early 2012.

From 2010 ALARP experts provided services to Qatar’s Hamad International Airport, initially the scope focused on the Emiri Pavilion and other complex buildings. By 2012 ALARP experts were assisting with tunnel safety. ALARP experts were directly appointed to resolve operational and compliance issues to open the airport – activities expanded to include operational safety for Hamad Airport. More than 550 graduates were trained and close liaisons formed with the local professional regulatory authorities.
ALARP LLC was registered in Qatar in 2013.

This is ALARP’s story so far.