Everything you need to know about us.  These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding and more details of our services.

What is ALARP?

ALARP is originally  a legal term describing how to balance the effort to manage a risk with the benefit achieved.  It’s a practical term; it relates to how things are done in reality; not in theory. ALARP.com is about making decisions and getting things done. That is why our slogan is “We Do”; in other words we don’t just over think things without actually solving the problem on hand.
Why don’t you list Experts’ names?

Our Experts come from almost all major consulting engineering companies, countries and locations. We must guard their identities until we are sure there are no ethical, commercial or professional conflicts. We perform due diligence prior to revealing their identity – this protects both our clients and ALARP Experts positions.
What if you don’t have the Expert we need?

We will do our best to find that special expert needed to solve your problem. Because we are all senior practitioners we are well connected and respected. Because we only deal with ‘A’ level experts we usually find the best practitioners enjoy working with us. We cannot guarantee we will find that perfect expert for you, but we will try.
Can anyone be an ALARP Expert?

‘No’ is the short answer. To be an ALARP expert means that you are regarded as a leader in your field, a professional with an acknowledged seniority in your field. More than that, you must be the sort of person that we believe can work with others to solve problems , to get things done. This is what makes ALARP experts different, we are not from a single company or geographic location. We are a group of leading experienced problem solvers.